New Hopping Craze Taking World by Storm

NEW YORK - USA - Forget about walking, hopping is the new way to get around, as millions of people around the world adopt hopping as their preferred way of everyday travel.

“When you hop you use up more calories and not only that you can get to places faster. Why walk across a room when one or two hops will do the trick,” professor Arturo Steinwick from Brooklyn university, the person who started the craze revealed.

The idea behind hopping is that it is a great cardiovascular exercise and strengthens the leg muscles for greater overall health.

Michelle Obama was seen hopping across the White House lawn yesterday and has been a great advocate of hopping.

“I’m still working on Barack, he needs to hop more. He’s all too eager to hop into war situations, but we need to get him hopping in the Oval room too,” the First Lady told CNN.

In Paris, London, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Jeddah, people are hopping to work, hopping on buses and hopping to the shops.

“Oxford Street on a Saturday is a colourful event now with thousands of people hopping. If you look at the crowds from above you can see the mass of people going up and down. It’s wonderful to watch,” Arthur Greening, a business owner on the famously crowded shopping street told the BBC.

There are many hopping combinations people can do, hopping on one leg, two legs, sideways, and even backwards. The key thing to remember is you have to swing your arms during the hop and don’t forget to make a big whooping sound with each hop to work your diaphragm.