The Great Syrian Sarin Whodunnit Mystery Game

DAMASCUS. - Syria - You may be stuck for Christmas gift ideas but how about a new board game that is sure to liven up the coming Xmas holidays.

The aim of the game is to guess who did the gassing, was it grandpa Hizbollah in the study, or how about aunty Qaeda in the pantry, maybe grandma Mossad was the culprit in the bathroom, or how about uncle Sam in the kitchen, don’t forget colonel Asshead in the living room?

The role of each player is to look through all the clues, for example it could have been evidence Aevidence B or maybe evidence C.

The board game comes with a sarin gas canister so all players have to try and keep their wits about them whilst the deadly nerve agent does its work.

Available from all standing toy stores in Syria this Christmas for free.