Ed Miliband Better Beware of Google’s Wrath

LONDON - England - Labour leader Ed Miliband versus Google's Eric Schmidt could be a disaster for the former.

“Mess with the Google and get the horns, and Ed Miliband is playing with fire here. Google is god, and they determine who’s up there and who is not. If Ed Miliband knows what’s good for him in the next election he better wisen up,” a tech expert from London tech firm TechWize told the Guardian.

One thing is for sure, Mr Miliband is flailing in the dark, and as usual he is using the Labour tax baton, as all socialists do, to stir up the troubled waters of the economy.

“It’s the same thing in France where Francois Hollande has hounded all businesses from the country, so too will Miliband if he ever comes into power. Labour simply wants to tax the rich and those who work hard for their money out of existence as they have done in France so that they can carry on with their useless tin pot socialist projects,” a Conservative insider revealed today.

A warning from history, you saw what Labour did to the country’s economy before and anyone who votes for Labour again is sealing the nation’s death warrant.