Ed Miliband: The Gift That Keeps Giving

LONDON - England - Ed Miliband, the Labour party leader is a gift to the Conservative party at the next election say political pundits at Westminster.

“Here is a nowhere man with no policies, no charisma and a set of Dalek eyes that complement his squeaky nasal voice. He does not command any authority and is half the man his brother is. If it were David Miliband up there, then there would be some cause for concern for the Tories, but Ed is just flailing around in the dark,” Ron McMasters a Westminster commentator told this week’s Channel 4 Dispatches.

Another Westminster insider commented: “As champagne socialists go, poor old Ed Miliband is not one. Perhaps we should call him Moribund, as he subscribes to the school of Michael Foot, except he’s barely a toe even there.”

Let us therefore praise Ed Miliband for taking Labour back to the stone age with his ridiculous Marxist undertones and even more ridiculous vocal delivery.

Voters certainly will not want that thing bleating at them every other day for four years. However much people detest the Tories, they will most probably opt for the lesser of two evils.