Religious Experts Debunk Science

KENTUCKY - USA - Religious experts at various churches across America have conclusively debunked science as a charlatans game and complete lie.

“These scientists like to think they know everything and they have theories about things that are not in the Holy book, but I have a question for them they cannot answer. Who created them? God created everything including the stars and the sea, and he did that all in seven days,” Minister for the Kentucky Reform Church told Fox News.

Reverend Arnold Winkum, from the Petersboro Baptist church conclusively debunks science and evolution: “In the Bible it says that Noah put all the animals in two by two. You know like even insects, mosquitoes and crocodiles, elephants, tigers, polar bears and skunks, that was hell of a feat back in the day. Hell, they wouldn’t be able to get half the animals in a boat these days. And lest we forget Jesus, that dude walked on water and could turn water into wine. Scientists can’t fly or cure lepers by simply touching them. C’mon this is ridiculous. I had one scientist tell me the earth was millions of years old. How I laughed, how can the earth be millions of years old if God created it 4,000 years ago in seven days? It’s all in the Bible, maybe they should read it some time.”