Experts: The Inevitable Death of Marxism Through Robotics

SHEFFIELD - England - The working man will eventually be superseded by the non-human robot, a team of experts from Sheffield Technical Dynamics, a company that specialises in robotics, reveal in their latest analysis.


“The worker as detailed by Marx is going through a very important form of change. In the past, the all too powerful unions with their Marxist doctrines and practices held their grip over capitalistic forces, however, their answer to the Industrial Revolution of the 19th century will be curtailed during the second Industrial Revolution, the Robotics Revolution. We are now at the beginning stages of the technical changes which will deem Marxism irrelevant in the future.

“Self-driving cars, automated factory workers, drones; already many administrative functions in business and the state are being replaced by algorithms. Within the next 10-15 years, many employers will replace their workers with machines.

“Class struggle espoused by the Marxists will be on the whole unimportant, replaced by concepts alien to the 19th century thoughts of Marx and Engels.

“How does this tie into the current situation of an election in the UK and upcoming 2016 election in the US?

“These elections will possibly be some of the last for the Marxists and Socialists to adhere to the future changes in technology. Either they will adapt their strategy to conform, or they will eventually disappear, displaced for eternity.

“The Industrial capitalists and the Marxists are all facets of the same coin, simply because they both adhere to a hierarchical structure. No matter what a Marxist, Communist, Socialist will tell you, the top echelon of their system is still powered by the elite.”

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