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Tony Blair: Why the Public Cannot Be Trusted

LONDON - England - Former Prime Minister, Tony Blair is urging the nation to vote for Ed Miliband and Labour in the coming election.

Labour: We Want Our System Back

MANCHESTER - England - The Labour party created the current socialist system in use in the United Kingdom and they are the rightful owners of the socialist governmental construct.

Political Experts: “Why Elections in Developed World Change Nothing”

LONDON - England - Political experts and researchers for the Institute of Socialist Policy have prepared a brief analysis of the current process of electoral government in the developed world, especially during election times.

Miliband: “Having a Socialist Kitchen in My £2 Million Mansion Keeps...

HAMPSTEAD - England - Ed Miliband may have two kitchens in his multi-million pound mansion which he shares with his family, but he has made an announcement that he keeps one kitchen sparse so as to remind him of socialism.

Experts: FTSE 100 Up Now But Labour Win Will See 70%...

LONDON - England - A Labour win in May will see a drop of over 70% in the FTSE 100 stock market's value over the course of Labour's tenure under the radical control, a team of financial institutions have warned.

Voting For Ed Miliband is the Destructive Choice

LONDON - England - The Electora think tank has summarised what the possible outcomes of an Ed Miliband, Labour election win would be in May.

David Miliband Seen at Heathrow

LONDON - England - Former Labour politician, David Miliband has been seen at Heathrow airport arriving on a plane from New York.

Comrade Miliband: “Nothing Will Get in Way of 5-Year-Plan”

LONDON - England - Labour party leader, Ed Miliband performed a rousing speech at the party's head quarters this morning.

Beggar: “Just Look at My Face Mr. Miliband I’m Human”

MANCHESTER - England - The homeless do exist, they are humans as much as anybody else, they have souls as much as anybody else, is that not right Ed Miliband?

Why Britain Deserves to Be Ruined by Ed Miliband

LONDON - England - Labour party leader, Ed Miliband is guaranteed a win in the 2015 general election, which will cause Britain to sink further into economic chaos, crime, deficit and rioting but that's only a symptom of a flawed electoral and political system, so nothing to worry about then eh?

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