Political Experts: “Why Elections in Developed World Change Nothing”

LONDON - England - Political experts and researchers for the Institute of Socialist Policy have prepared a brief analysis of the current process of electoral government in the developed world, especially during election times.

“There are infinite possibilities to our reality but the current systems in place ensure only one outcome and that is that the status quo is preserved — nothing changes.

“It does not matter what you vote for, you will get the same outcome, but with a different face. Essentially, the core of the Western socialist system always remains, and voting for different teams, faces or names only changes the speed of facilitation of socialist principals. A vote to the left increases the speed, a vote to the right decreases the speed, a vote in the middle adheres to the left and still increases the speed of the socialist clock. The resultant answer is always growth of the state and increased powers of governance over the plebiscite. Socialism and communism were created by elites anyway.

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“One must look at the post-World War II frameworks of all governments in Europe, Australia and North America, as well as to some extent in Japan to see that all core elements within their infrastructures, from schools to health care, to welfare predominantly adopted a socialist mindset, thus rendering any other form of governance redundant.

“The civil service stays the same, the intelligence service stays the same, and although there may be minor tweaks by successive governments, there is never any real change.

“Therefore, voting for a new face is just that. Unless a new government were to completely dig up and change the core, they only skim the surface. The politicians and engineers certainly would not want to rock the boat, because real change would cause them to lose their stable positions, which they have worked hard to achieve.

“What we are seeing more of, especially in the United Kingdom is a preponderance to adopting governmental coalitions. This is a sign that the parties that are available are indistinguishable from each other, and a recognition of this fact. There will be more coalitions in the UK in the future, especially as the state grows even further. Socialism is about big government and the so-called Conservatives in the UK have embraced this tenet as much as the left leaning Labour party. As for spending policies, under George Osborne, the Conservative chancellor, Britain’s deficit has had virtually no change, and spending has been pretty much the same as his predecessors.

Safety in poverty

“Socialists may claim that capitalism is the antithesis of their doctrine, but they are wrong. Under so-called democracies which have socialist systems, money still moves predominantly to the top of the pyramid, as it does in overt socialistic systems.

“The West has not yet adopted a full totalitarian form of governance, however they are getting close to it as this is the final goal. We can see the active model for the move towards totalitarianism through the unbridled monitoring of the populations through all forms of communication and the nanny states that are becoming bigger and bigger daily. When living in a mock democracy, the people simply like to see different faces and are appeased by minor tweaks now and then, and many are not too bothered by other thoughts. Without elections, there would be unrest, because the people need to feel they are changing something during election time, it is a welcome release for them. The choices they are given are of course one and the same in actuality, purely for the reasons as stated before and that the departments, staff and controllers behind the scenes always remain, irrespective of which party/colour/face is in power.

“One must not think that socialism within the West is a system where poverty and struggle are universal. This is wrong, because under socialism, the elite are still cushioned from the plight of the people. We are seeing the calculated erosion of all classes and will be left eventually with the very poor and the very rich industrial and political classes above. Socialism is undergoing a metamorphosis in the West where the only ideals promoted will be of energy efficiency, limited wealth and relinquishment of all private property except for the higher echelons. The European Union is the classic example of this, where the previously rich Northern nations will eventually have their wealth shared with the poor Southern nations, thus leaving only the engineers at the top of the socialist pyramid as the ones with the wealth, the rest will be consigned to a controlled stasis of poverty.”