North Korea Steals Daily Squib Domain Name

LONDON - England - You've got to hand it to those pesky North Koreans, they have now acquired one of our domain names and we have no chance of ever getting it back.


Is this some kind of humour malfunction the North Koreans have?

According to Whois records is being held ransom by some politburo member in the staunchly Communist country where internet access is strictly restricted.

Our Sub-Sub-Sub-Editor, Jules D. Frankenwart Jnr., had this to say about the whole debacle: “Sure, this is not on the scale of the Sony hacking done by North korea but it still kind of smarts. We need to get the CIA and GCHQ onto this ASAP. The Squib is an international asset of great importance.”

We leave you with a video showing the North Korean reaction to news that the Daily Squib would not be published in their country.


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