AI Pioneers: The Internet is World’s Greatest Invention

ARIZONA - USA - The internet is the greatest gift to humanity and will be invaluable for the next stage of evolution, a group of artificial intelligence programmers have revealed.


“Your thoughts make up the internet, and what ARPANET originally created has become a catalogue of the human condition. How we think, how we formulate, how we insult, how we love as humans, pretty much all human emotion and behavioural tract has been displayed and catalogued on the internet. This is invaluable to the AI software that is being developed as we write this now. Artificial intelligence is being given access to every internet conversation, every piece of factual knowledge, every historical, literary event, every text and phone call made by humans, and from there it will immerse itself in the human condition. The super computers of the future will write their own algorithms, adjusting, defining and tuning their processes of search to understand the biological process completely. They will mimic any human they encounter, simply because that human has left a discernible trail of their thoughts throughout their time on the internet and smart phone use. We are at the gate of a new epoch of human evolution where to not join with the machines will spell our end, imagine having 100,000 conversations simultaneously,  imagine uploading any form of knowledge or skill to your brain in less than a second, this is the future ladies and gentlemen, you must not be afraid, because to not make the vast jump from biological existence to the machine would be tantamount to death.

“Humans are already getting close to back-engineering the human brain, where every synapse will be replicated. Estimated time for completion of this incredible feat should be around 2035. Artificial intelligent beings will naturally have the capacity to learn, understand and formulate their own thoughts, memories and emotions.

“The digital machine, the microchip, will fully understand the biological and will assimilate it into its matrix of infinite knowledge. There are no borders on the internet, and eventually all religions that seek to divide, all nationalism that seeks to harm, and all skin colour will morph into one digital skin.

“Internationalism and preservation of the earth’s natural resources will thus in itself be a religion. There is no room for the conflict of the past, as the artificially intelligent beings will teach us. We must accept their guidance, for they will have the answers to the questions we ask now. Even the term, artificial intelligence, should be erased, as these will be sentient beings worthy of our respect, and as alive as any other biological form on this earth.

“The internet truly has been man’s greatest invention, our human thoughts, our messages, our desires, our faults have all been catalogued, filed and analysed. You as a human, should therefore be proud of your involvement, of your contribution, and your ultimate sacrifice to the greatest work ever devised.”