Black Kid Plus Screwdriver Equals Death by Cop

DALLAS - USA - Woe betide anyone who walks around their home in the U.S. with a screwdriver,or any other DIY tool or you could get shot by a cop -- especially if you're a black.


“Screwdrivers are dangerous weapons, hell we could taser the guy or pepper sprayed him but instead we do not hesitate in pumping that boy full of lead,” an officer at a recent DIY screwdriver killing told Fox news.

When most other police forces around the world easily restrain people brandishing knives and other tools, American cops simply unload clips into your corpse while asking you to drop it as you’re dying on the floor. Even if the person is mentally ill, cops outside of America are trained to deal with these challenging situations without the use of deadly force, and to escort the patient to a hospital.

Six Seconds

“Maybe this guy was looking for a Philips or wrench. Maybe he was building a model ship in his back yard and got pissed off when a piece broke off, who knows? He certainly did not deserve to die for holding a tiny screwdriver,” a bystander said.

Warning, video shows the death of a black kid holding a tiny screwdriver