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Miliband: “Having a Socialist Kitchen in My £2 Million Mansion Keeps Me Grounded”

HAMPSTEAD - England - Ed Miliband may have two kitchens in his multi-million pound mansion which he shares with his family, but he has made an announcement that he keeps one kitchen sparse so as to remind him of socialism.


“Our main kitchen of course has an Aga and all the mod cons, but our socialist kitchen upstairs is where we eat our gruel and plan the campaigns for the people of Britain, you know the masses that I keep hearing about,” Miliband said from the sparse kitchenette whilst munching on a piece of lettuce.

During the interview, for BBC1, Miliband was also asked how he acquired such a luxurious property and if he paid the right amount of taxes from the sale of a previous property bought for him by his mother.

“I..er..excuse me!” Miliband is then filmed drinking copiously from his champagne glass before changing the subject abruptly.

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  1. Leave it out. I don’t see anything wrong with having two kitchens in a house. How many kitchens does Cameron have? 10? Next they’ll be saying Miliband has a live in nanny. This is ridiculous.

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