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Vladimir Putin Drank Vodka Laced With Polonium Says Aide

MOSCOW - Russia - The untimely death of Russian president Vladimir Putin has come as a surprise to many but for others it was only a matter of time.

With news of Vladimir Putin’s untimely death yesterday, his trusted aides have revealed that the president of Russia may have drank a measure of vodka laced with polonium.

“We had the glasses set out for his rivals to drink, but I think Vlad drank the wrong glass,” Gustav Orlov, a senior Putin aide told RT news.

During his tenure, Vladimir Putin had made lots of enemies in Russia and across the world, and investigators are not discounting an inside job on the hit.

“A lot of former rich oligarchs had it in for Vlad. The amount of money they have lost through Western sanctions means someone has to pay in the end,” a source from the Kremlin revealed on Thursday.

The deceased president will be given a full state funeral on Sunday as shocked Russians come to terms with the loss of their leader.

Dmitry Medvedev has been instated as president until elections are finalised.

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  1. He was the greatest Russian leader for a long time. It is sad that he is dead. Rest in peace I am so very sad because he stood up to the corrupt countries. He was trying to make Russia better God Bless him…..

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