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Greeks Conveniently Forgot About WW2 When Germans Were Giving Them 350 Billion Euros

ATHENS - Greece - The Greeks only asked for war reparations from the Germans when they were asked to pay back the loans they were given, it has been reported.

“We only ask for war reparations after we frittered the money away,” Effefe Popopodopopopoulos, Greek Minister of Spending told Spiegel news on Thursday.

Another Greek minister had this to say about the whole sorry affair: “Yes, the Greeks are acting in a shameful despicable manner, but it is easier this way. Who wants to work when you can get free money, over and over again? It’s a good thing we don’t pay tax in Greece, retire at 45 on full pensions and enjoy four hour lunch breaks during our three day working week.”

In other news, Britain could be asking for war reparations from France for the Norman invasion in 1066, and in East Cheam, a 65-year-old man is asking for reparations from his brother for breaking his toy tractor when he was six.


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