Voting For Ed Miliband is the Destructive Choice

LONDON - England - The Electora think tank has summarised what the possible outcomes of an Ed Miliband, Labour election win would be in May.

When it comes to destruction, chaos and disorder, Labour is always the choice for the person who wants to punish any form of success.

Voting for Ed Miliband, and his counterpart, Ed Balls, would naturally be the choice of a person who wished to put a spanner in the works, to undo capitalistic mechanisms and to Sovietize Britain further.

An election win by Labour would immediately soak the rich, and corporations would get plundered of their ‘ill gotten’ gains. American internet companies would flee Britain to preserve their money acquired through tax havens. People in multi-million pound houses would overnight be sent to the poor house as Labour brings in punitive taxes that would even be baulked at in staunch socialist Sweden.

The Labour choice is one of destruction of property, where the rich are purloined within an inch of their lives. The royal family will certainly feel some pain, as Miliband would be out to collectivise royal wealth, redistributing funds to the people, and effectively halting Britain’s House of Windsor.

Once Labour is in power, they would not only increase the already crowded surveillance state but would seal any future election by concocting deals with the Scottish National Party where the Scottish vote would count for Labour’s electoral extension indefinitely leaving the Tories, who are moribund north of ┬áthe Watford gap, without any chance of future re-election.

Taxation of the rich is the key to redistribution of wealth. Miliband’s plan is to take away so much money from businesses and homes that it will not be profitable any more to own a property or business, let alone a mansion or corporation. In effect, property ownership under Labour will eventually be banned, where only the party hierarchy will be allowed to keep property.

Miliband has made light of his plans for the EU, which he will implement much to the delight of the Germans and French. The pound sterling will be dropped under Labour and the euro currency embraced thus bringing an end to Britain as a nation, subverting its sovereign status to nothing more than a sector in the eurozone.

Bring forth rancid British Rail sandwiches, and make utility companies public. The bankers will feel the worst wrath of Miliband as he curtails the City to no more than a memory of bonuses. The banking industry will be split up into small chunks then vomited out over Canary Wharf, the sight of bankers leaping from their perches will no doubt bring immense pleasure to the disenfranchised masses.

All over Britain, council houses, affordable box living, will make the British countryside unrecognisable. Where the fox once ran, there will be concrete blocks full to the brim of chavs, scallies and Eastern European gangsters. Where the gentle babbling brook once meandered, will be soiled nappies, needles and used condoms.

The NHS must be preserved at all cost, so Miliband will steal the riches of all that have worked hard to earn their livelihood. The welfare state will grow immeasurably dwarfing private business as the state grows.

Britain will see another baby boom, this time with benefits babies growing up in households where they will be encouraged from birth to breed and breed and breed.

Education under Labour will be of servitude to the state, where history will be re-written to indoctrinate children only in Marxist, socialist theory. Children will be taught only about equality, service and welfare. Children will also be encouraged to report their parents or any adults to local state agents if there is any form of dissent.

Many enemies of Britain will thus vote for Labour, as would any terrorists who wish to harm this country. The Islamic State and other entities, as well as Russia are wishing on a Labour win. What better way of ruining a country, without one shot fired, but for it to be killed from the inside out.