Obama: “Now Watch This Drive”

FLORIDA - USA - President Obama has taken time off from work just because he can. There's a time for golf and there's a time for golf, and this is it. Back later.

President Obama flew down to Florida for the week to play some much needed golf.

“It’s cold up in DC, I need to enjoy myself. Jumped on the plane with my detail, left the Big Foot back in the cave. Don’t want that thing yelling at me,” the president said from the green.

This week, Obama is at Westfield Golf Club, an exclusive retreat where no luxury is spared.

“I was on the third hole, when I smelled burning, I asked my caddie what that was. He said it’s the barbecue. Man, we got on that cart and high tailed it back to base. Chicken wings make me go crazy, hmm, hmm,” the jovial president added.