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Henry Kissinger: “The Delightful Drums of War Beat Louder Every Day”

NEW YORK - USA - With open warfare breaking out between Iran and Israel, the Daily Squib revisits Dr. Henry Kissinger to hear how the 'drums of war' are beating.

Saudi Mini Skirt Beauty Was a Mirage Say Religious Police

USHAYQAR - Saudi Arabia - Officials chasing a mini skirted woman in the desert have come to the conclusion that she is a mirage.

Dubai Burning Tower Symbolic End of Oil Era

DUBAI - U.A.E. - The single burning tower on New Year's Eve 2015 is a symbol of what is to come a team of anonymous men have revealed.

Revealed: Why 800 Muslims Died in Mecca Stampede

MECCA - Saudi Arabia - Over 800 people have been crushed to death in a stampede outside Mecca and more than 850 injured in the deadliest disaster on the annual hajj pilgrimage in a quarter of a century.

Syria War: UK Council Tax 60% Rise Will Help

LONDON - England - Cash strapped councils across Britain will have to increase council tax by as much as sixty percent in some parts of the country to compensate for the funding shortfall due to the massive migratory influx especially from countries like Syria.

The Daily Squib Guide to Syria Crisis

SYRIA - If everything that's happening in the war torn country is a little confusing, do not worry, the Squib is here to help. We're not going to illustrate what's going on with complicated maps, statistics, venn diagrams or whatever other nonsense.

Experts: While West Sleeps ISIS Training Children to Fight

Washington D.C. - USA - A team of experts from the Military Tactical think tank in the Capitol are proposing the reinstatement of the military draft on all U.S. citizens to fight the increased threat of ISIS in Syria, Libya, Yemen and Iraq.

Iraq/Syria: No News From the Front

LONDON - England - News reports from Syria and Iraq are about as reliable as a Greek bank account.

Think Tank: Let Them Go to Syria

OXFORD - England - The Stratagem think tank has revealed in a new paper published last week that it is in Britain's interests to let Islamic people leave Britain for Syria if they so wish.

Think Tank: Wake Up Europe ISIS is Closing In

TORRINO - Italy - An Independent think tank from Italy is advising full deployment of military forces to counteract the rise of the Islamic State which is now in the process of uniting Libya and threatening Europe.

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