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Think Tank: Let Them Go to Syria

OXFORD - England - The Stratagem think tank has revealed in a new paper published last week that it is in Britain's interests to let Islamic people leave Britain for Syria if they so wish.

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“People should not be held prisoner in a country which they have lived in or gained citizenship in. This is why outwardly Islamic people should be allowed to travel to Syria if they so wish. The consensus amongst most of the English population is one of hatred for Muslims, therefore it should not be the role of the government to curtail free movement out of Britain. There should be the sole proviso that once leaving the border there is no coming back and citizenship is relinquished.

“Britain has been flooded with Islamists, who have displayed their religious zeal with their dress, their customs and their rules. This, in turn has created extreme levels of hatred amongst the indigenous populations, who are also affected by propaganda from the media about war atrocities in Syria.

“Adopting a general policy of voluntary expulsion to Syria by the government is thus an efficient way to control discontent within the UK’s borders.

“The only negative that is foreseeable is that some, if not killed in the war zone, may try to come back to Britain. Unfortunately, there is the problem of Britain’s porous borders, however, as mentioned earlier, if citizenship was relinquished on exit, then re-entry into the UK would be made harder for the militants.

“As long as Britain and the rest of the world officially stays out of the conflict in the Middle East, it is not their business to stop people travelling to Syria where they will die for their religion funded and armed by special operations.

“The conflict can only be halted by boots on the ground, and to achieve this, full military conscription must be adopted. Until that time, the problem will only get worse and eventually the problem may reach home. Military spending and budgets must be increased by over 40%, and Britain must be on a war footing, to not only prepare for possible Russian conflict but Middle Eastern. The truth of the matter is that the globe is now in the beginning phase of global economic and military war, and preparations must be made now before it is too late.

“Naturally, it is prudent to take into account that destabilisation of the Syrian regime is advantageous to the West, and conflict must be prolonged for as long as possible. This destabilisation effort also affects Iran and Yemen, and will eventually move across the entire Middle East, leaking into parts of Africa and maybe Southern Europe. The conflict must be allowed to spread so that the public can feel more anxiety and feel the need to go to arms. The media must push forth such thoughts and it is in the UK’s interest that overtly Islamist factions, individuals, families are given free passage out of the UK. The Islamists detest Britain and British culture, and the same hatred is reciprocated by the British people.”

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