Celebrity Politics: Brand Vs Hopkins

LONDON - England - There's something rather unsettling about watching ill-informed, cosseted celebrity egomaniacs thinking they know anything about the intricacies of politics, or world affairs.


On the one hand, you have celebrities who like to model themselves on Mother Theresa a la Angelina Jolie; who in reality are mollycoddled egocentric people making simulated statements as a form of gasconade. Then you have the champagne socialist morosity of Britain’s left wing celebrity culture who, like Russell Brand are so far removed from the people that they have offshore accounts. Katie Hopkins, on the other hand, is the reverse of Brand, and is so far right wing that she positively needs a moustache.

The common link between all of these celebrities is that they are not in the least aware of history, of political process, or the many divergent elements to any situation, especially on a global forum. They do not consider the intricate variables to any problem, and most of all they do not present a solution to the asinine ill thought brain farts they exude, simply because they are mere self-obsessed celebrities.

On the hierarchical rung, they are lower than dirt, and they probably know this deep down but dare not address it.