NWO: Sacrifice of Care Symptom of Overpopulation

TEXAS - USA - The wise owl speaketh and it looks on with a steely eyed stare as the burning embers dwindle over the cremation of care.


What does care mean to the people? It means a lot as the overpopulated bloated masses are crammed into cities, it means a lot as the overwhelmed guardians sacrifice the care of the people and instead treat them like the deserved enemy. The ageing populations, the millions of immigrants from destitute barren depositories around the world who are being ushered into what was once the exclusive West. You are the children who must be sacrificed.

Open borders in Europe and North America are the catalyst for destruction of homogeneous culture, the destruction of sovereign nationality and the rape of Western exclusivity.

Savagery Wins

“We open the borders to overwhelm the public, who are the enemy. Unfettered overbreeding has created a climate of anarchy and we want to increase this influx by opening the borders and letting the Third World into what used to be an exclusive haven for the West. By doing so we create an increased atmosphere of danger within our overcrowded borders, that allows us to escalate the use of surveillance and clamp down on individual civilian freedom. Privacy is now a misnomer, a concept that is alien to the internet generations. They are now used to checkpoints, invasive TSA body checks and tracking on all communications. Populations are merely dumbed down animals willing to accept anything we throw at them without so much as a whisper of discontent. Their placidity is our call to finalise their imprisonment further,” an unnamed official of some agency revealed.

The sacrifice of care, the capstone-less pyramid, the final days of economic collapse are the kiss of death to an old world order and the beginning of a new world order.

First, the eggs must be broken to make the omelette.