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Experts: While West Sleeps ISIS Training Children to Fight

Washington D.C. - USA - A team of experts from the Military Tactical think tank in the Capitol are proposing the reinstatement of the military draft on all U.S. citizens to fight the increased threat of ISIS in Syria, Libya, Yemen and Iraq.

 The Next Generation

“As the territory of ISIS grows daily, there is a real threat growing in the Middle East, potentially spreading further across many continents. The current president’s isolationist stance in the geopolitical and military field is cause for concern as it has created a destabilising vacuum for entities like ISIS to increase their territorial reach in the region.

“ISIS are training thousands of young children to be warriors and have adopted a military culture. In direct opposition to this, the West is weak with a youth far removed from any hardship or military understanding.

“To counteract this direct threat to the West, we advise an immediate military draft to all fighting men from the ages of 18 – 40. We also advise an increase in military expenditure by 60% annually.

“Our proposals are the only way to counteract the immediate threat to our nation and to ensure world stability. Boots on the ground with full air cover should be compulsory to all Americans and our Western Allies in NATO.”

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