Feminazi Outrage: All Male Scientists Should Be Sacked

LONDON - England - According to humourless feminazis and their unbridled levels of politically correct outrage on social media, all male scientists should now be sacked from their professions.


Spokesman for the Feminazi twitter outrage group, Andrea Mann,  called for “all male scientists to be bullied out of their jobs for having penises and pairs of testicles” on Friday via twitter.

On Sunday, there were further tweets of outrage when it was found that one male professor at Bristol University opened the door for a female colleague. The professor was summarily sacked from his post and labelled a sexist chauvinist pig.

With cases like that of Professor Tim Hunt and Dr Matt Taylor, the science world is reeling under the pressures of Feminazism.

“Soon there will not be any scientists left. Not after the incessant bullying by non-entities on twatter. If it wasn’t for male scientists many of these women would not be able to exist, as men are the ones who pretty much made all the scientific discoveries in the history of mankind,” another professor at UCL said before being sacked from his job.

Professor Richard Dawkins has been keeping a low profile during the current climate.