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Think Tank: Wake Up Europe ISIS is Closing In

TORRINO - Italy - An Independent think tank from Italy is advising full deployment of military forces to counteract the rise of the Islamic State which is now in the process of uniting Libya and threatening Europe.


“Libya is only a short sea ride from Southern Italy. As for Morocco, that is an even shorter distance to Gibraltar, and then onto Spain.

“Thanks to the destabilisation effort by the U.S. and British coalition in 2011, Libya is now an open canvas to be filled with the blood red paint of ISIS. If it were not for the removal of Colonel Gadaffi we would not be in serious trouble right now.

“It is very hard to establish how strong the ISIS army is, however our statisticians estimate a fighting force of over 150,000 well armed and trained men. This estimate grows daily as the air strikes by the U.S. coalition only serve to swell ranks through adverse propaganda. We also have reason to believe that the air strikes are a mere show because there have been reports of ISIS combatants being warned before any such strike. Indiscriminate bombing within residential areas also causes a lot of civilian collateral damage thus inflaming the situation further and poses as a great recruitment tool.

“It is also not easy to establish which agencies are engineering the rise of ISIS, but we may have clues from past geopolitical occurrences.

“For example, the so-called Arab Spring controlled by U.S. command centres paved the way for ISIS. America armed and trained fighters across the Middle East giving them continual support. The additional Libyan operation, as well as Tunisian removal of ruling parties added extra impetus by creating a power vacuum. The Syrian attempt is still under way, and ISIS has grown exponentially from these events. We must also not forget Iraq, which was invaded by U.S. forces on numerous occasions, eventually splitting the country by installing a Shia led Vichy government which in turn created more conflict.

“There are no immediate solutions to this problem now knocking directly on Europe’s back door. European governments are weak socialist playgrounds where the mollycoddled people revel in state controlled welfare systems dictating every part of their lives. The people of Europe live in a cotton wool world sheltered from harm, war, and financial hardship. If ISIS were to infiltrate from the South, they would cut through large swathes of Europe like a knife through butter.

“The solution to this growing threat is to immediately mobilise all forces along the Mediterranean and re-establish order within the region. This proposed operation would involve thousands of ground and air military forces. We advise full military conscription for all EU citizens 18 – 40, for a minimum period of three years under the auspices of a newly established dedicated EU army.

“In addition to the Southern Front pushing into North Africa, Iraq and Syria, we advise extreme caution on the Eastern front with Russia being the main threat.

“The EU may have to build its own dedicated military force, as NATO assistance is limited due to curtailment measures by the Obama administration.

“The current German Chancellor, Merkel and president Juncker have no knowledge of military matters, or strategic mindset. We need someone to lead the EU who has full awareness of a myriad of issues relating to war, geopolitical strategic matters and must have the ability to look beyond the open borders of Europe.

“This brings us to the open borders policy as detailed in the Schengen Agreement. The EU has effectively caused its own demise with an open border policy that leaves it open wide for attack. We advise a simple solution of shutting down borders between each zone only limited to vetted transit.

“Action must be swift, decisive and with no room for mistakes. Here concludes our report.”


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  1. This is the best piece of analysis I have read in a long time. This Think Tank should be listened to but knowing how governments operate. No doubt Western meddling in Arab countries created Isis. One question how does the West gain from destabilising the ME?

  2. The EU operation monitoring immigrant ships in the Med is called Triton. Their brief:

    “…to focus on border control, only carrying out search-and-rescue
    operations if necessary. Initially employing five aircraft and seven

    How often will “rescue” be deemed necessary? Every ship, I should reckon. So ISIS will be infesting all European countries quicker than you can say “beheading”.

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