EU: Why the World Should Not Worry About Greek Blackmail

FRANKFURT - Germany - The petulant nature of the Greeks to renege on previous debt liabilities is something the Germans are well aware of, and have sufficiently prepared for the slight hiccup.


“If you think about it, Greece only makes up 0.2% of eurozone finances. If we drop this donkey, it is no skin off our bones. In fact, the value of the euro would shoot up and we will be free of their blackmail. They spent the money they took and now are demanding not to pay it back. This is not economics but thievery of the highest order. Everywhere we look and we see them holding banners up to drop the debt. This is their mindset. Why should the middle class taxpayers of the rest of hard working EU countries have to pay for profligate, greedy and lazy people who have no way of ever paying back the loans? We have therefore made the decision to remove them from the eurozone, as they have not made any moves to agree to repayment measures,” an unnamed source within the EU revealed on Thursday.

History repeats itself as in this Daily Squib article from 2012. However, this time around the Germans are much more prepared to dump the Greeks, especially with Draghi’s QE push with the European Central Bank.

“We will just erase the mistake of letting in the Greeks to the eurozone. They used Goldman Sachs to mask the country’s true debt levels enabling entry into the eurozone. This was fraud and criminality of the highest scale. In a few months time it will just be a bad memory. We will fill the financial black hole by simply printing money and let other EU economies recover,” an ECB financier wrote in Der Spiegel.

  • donaldjenks

    The sentiment we are seeing is a negativity towards the Greeks. Yes they are lazy and parasitical but why hold this against them. It is part of their culture to avoid paying taxes. I have lived for many years in Greece and if you tell someone you pay taxes they laugh you out of the room. Please do not blame the Greeks for that. Corruption is also part of their game. You cannot get anything done without paying backhanders to the right official. If you want a job and you are not related to the boss forget about it or pay him some money and he will think about it.

    • Stav64

      This happens all over EU. German corrupt too.

  • Schichenbacher

    German wurst Vs Greek

  • Mikaeeli

    The Greeks want everyone to pay for free electricity. 12 hour working weeks massive pensions and retirement at 40. I think it is a great idea to pay for them so we can work our arses off and they can go on permanet holiday.

  • Costas

    If NAZI want his money tell him come to Greece to take it. Let Nazi try take it. We waiting for you !

  • Costas

    Greece not thief you want knowe who thieve is ? Look in your own back garden….Elgin marbles is Greek. British biggest thieve.