Tsipras: “I Did Not Betray Greek Voters Just Worded Things Differently”

BRUSSELS - Belgium - Nothing has changed with the Greeks capitulating to the EU by bending over for a four month extension of austerity.



The bruised and battered can has been kicked down the road once again as the Daily Squib accurately predicted earlier.

Keep Calm and Surrender

“It was all a lie, but I’m a politician and you voted for me to end austerity. That is not going to happen any time soon, but look at the positive side, we get another billion euro hand out to Greek banks. Now please be a good sheep and go back to sleep you gullible idiots,” the newly appointed Greek PM, Tsipras said at a news conference.

Naturally, the black hole that is the Greek economy will welcome more taxpayer money from the eurozone, and in June, there will be a rinse and repeat situation again.

“We will continue doing this drama in four month increments until the Germans run out of money eventually. We tried nearly every trick in the book to get out of paying the Greek debts but to no avail,” finance minister, Varoufakis revealed chuckling like a rabid hyena.

German Finance Minister,┬áSchaeuble added his own voice at the post meeting conference: “The Greeks have finally seen some sense and have agreed to continue with the austerity measures. The EU taxpayers will give them some more beggars money for four months. Every time you are working in your jobs, think for one second that your hard earned money is going into their pockets for four months so they can live their privileged lifestyles of casual abandon. You must all work harder so the Greeks can carry on doing what they’re doing — nothing. We will convene in June for more of the same drama. I think I’ll take a holiday until then, not in Greece though, I like to eat food that has no spit in it.”