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Experts Debunk Terror

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - A Washington think tank, the Territorial Engineering Reprobatory Research Organisation Reserve, have completed a feasibility study on the concept of 'terror' and its usage by governments, independent militants and their respective propaganda led media, financial institutions.

The study caused some strain on its publication on Thursday, not only within Washington but in other propaganda reliant states. Excerpts from the study by T.E.R.R.O.R were not published in the media and were censored.

“Our study has been ongoing since 2001 and has extensively researched occurrences within the global forum.

“Let us first define ‘terror’. Terror, is from the French terreur, from Latin terror meaning “great fear”, a noun derived from the Latin verb terrere meaning “to frighten”, is a policy of political repression and violence intended to subdue political opposition.

“Throughout history, the feeling of ‘great fear’ has been utilised to great effect. We will not use specific examples as these are too numerous, but we will delve into the concept of terror.

“What is a ‘terrorist’? The answer is simple, someone who deals in creating fear in others. Therefore, this simple concept can be applied to many different variables.

“Does it matter if a terrorist is wearing a uniform and is sanctioned by a government? No, because they are still causing great fear to other people. In any army or military across the world, soldiers and personnel are taught to bring fear upon others. They are bringers of terror as much as anyone else. What about dropping bombs from the air, is this not terror? Yes, the people on the ground are in abject terror as the bombs rain down on them. Terror is thus a feeling, a human emotion caused by terrorists, whether uniformed or not. There is thus no distinction between the feeling of terror one feels when a soldier burst through their door who has a uniform and when a terrorist bursts through your door with no uniform. All forms of human violent aggression create terror irrespective of who is doing it.

“What about the person who defends himself from attack, is that terrorism? Proportional defence against attack may still use terror, because to fend off the aggressor, some may employ techniques to instil terror in the attacker, therefore equal terror against terror equals terror.

“Is the financial system one of terror? Indeed it is. The threat of financial punishment is a vast tool of engendering fear in people and nations through debt. In fact, the financial system of terror is what drives the market and economies of the world. The financial markets utilise fear and greed to make stock markets go up or down. The banking system, the employment sectors and the media all utilise the concept of terror to terrorise the public on a daily basis. If you lose your job, you can’t pay the mortgage, you lose everything, and you will be terrified of that. This fear is what drives the public to do whatever it takes to not succumb to the terror of having bailiffs coming to their house, and bankers foreclosing on your property.

“How does the media drive terror? The media is a fear industry. The more fear and terror, the more copies of their product are sold and the more advertising revenue they gain. Without terrorising the public on a daily basis their revenues would dissipate.

What about religion, is that about terror? Organised human religions are very much about terror. People are told from a young age that if they are obedient they will go to heaven, if they are disobedient they will die and go to hell to be burned in the fires of hell for eternity. This is terrorism, and any young child would be terrified of the consequences of disobeying the religion they were forced into from birth.

“Terrorism extends to the education system as much as any other terroristic mechanism. If a child adheres to the rules, they can advance to the next stage, if not, they are deemed as failures, which causes fear and terror.

“And finally, is there a cure for terror? Fear and terror are a natural human emotion. As long as you are human you will feel fear, you will be terrorised by a system designed specifically to keep you in a state of perpetual terror and to remind you of the consequences of not obeying, of not being subservient. Unfortunately, as long as the system is as it is, the terror will never stop because terror comes from the highest of places, our terror loving leaders and conglomerates in power, the technical engineers and the religious leaders.

“What would happen if no one felt terror and fear any more? This is a very dangerous question and the people who control the system would never want to see that day.”

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