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Egyptians Get Freedom to Vote in Islamic Radicals

CAIRO - Egypt - Egypt's military vows to oversee a smooth transition to Islamic fundamentalist rule, as crowds continue to celebrate President Mubarak's resignation.

Egyptian Fashion Week Displays Some Trendy Hats

CAIRO - Egypt - It was a hat-worthy fashion week as Egyptian fashionistas were out in force in Tahrir Square to show off their weird and wacky couture.

U.S. Main Export of Terror Doing Well Says Hillary Clinton

WASHINGTON DC - USA - Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said that America's main export of 'State sanctioned terror' is doing very well, especially in Egypt and other Middle Eastern countries.

Daily Squib Tunisian Holiday Giveaway Competition

TUNIS - Tunisia - The Daily Squib is giving away hundreds of holidays to our lucky readers. So grab a much needed welcome break today with our easy online competition.

Duchess of York Sells Daughter to Saudi Sheikh

JEDDAH - Saudi Arabia - Sarah Ferguson has sold off one of her daughters to Prince Abdul bin Abdullah Mohammed Sheikh, who is part of the ruling Saudi Royal family the Duchess announced yesterday.

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