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Obama: “Now Watch This Drive”

FLORIDA - USA - President Obama has taken time off from work just because he can. There's a time for golf and there's a time for golf, and this is it. Back later.

The Next World War Will Be Science vs Religion

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - The coming robot, virtual reality, artificial intelligence deluge will be a challenging time for religious fundamentalists and moderates of all faiths and belief systems and could culminate in a world war.

New Saudi Arabian App Tells You When and Where the Nearest...

JEDDAH - Saudi Arabia - An enterprising young Saudi man has come up with the latest smartphone app that is taking the Saudi Kingdom by storm.

Egyptians Discover Democracy

CAIRO - Egypt - At last, the Egyptian people have finally discovered what they were looking for for so long -- Democracy.

Libya to Have Democracy Like Britain – No Referendums

TRIPOLI - Libya - British PM, David Cameron, has flown in to the Libyan capital city to inspect the oil fields in the country and tell the nation's new leaders that they must embrace democracy like Britain has.

Colonel Gaddafi Fried Chicken Restaurants Shelved

SIRTE - Libya - Sadly, plans for a new chain of the mad Colonel's fried chicken fast food restaurants across the Middle East have been shelved after his unfortunate death today.

It's War!

BENGHAZI - Libya - As the Tomahawks rained down on Gaddafi, there was excitement and jubilation when the West's third war gained momentum.

Is the Oil Still Safe?

BENGHAZI - Libya - Western leaders were in panic mode last night after news filtered through that one of the countries oil refineries had been torched by rebels.

New ITV Reality Show "I'm in Libya Get Me Out of...

TRIPOLI - Libya - British TV channel ITV has finally hit pay dirt after creating a reality show that has brought in huge ratings increases for the failing channel.

Don't Worry Middle East Peace Envoy Tony Blair On Way to...

TRIPOLI - Libya - Don't worry people. Please stop panicking. Everything is going to be all right because Tony Blair is now on the way to sort out the unholy Libyan turmoil he created in the first place.

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