Egyptians Discover Democracy

CAIRO - Egypt - At last, the Egyptian people have finally discovered what they were looking for for so long -- Democracy.

“This is what we have been searching for. It is the same kind of democracy that is used in the US and UK. Thank Allah we have found what we were looking for so long,” Abdullah Mahmoudi, a Cairo baker, told Egypt’s state television station, as he was being beaten over the head with a baseball bat.

Another Egyptian citizen, who was assembled in Tahrir Square, received a face full of tear gas and said: “I *CHOKE* sure *CHOKE* like demo..*CHOKE*..cracy!”

  • analyst

    The way to guaranteed richness for everyone !

    Pepper and mace sprays ?

  • Tonino smith

    No need for the Egyptians to worry about the looting of their priceless antiquities during the current riots. We fucked off with everything worth having 200 years ago and it's nice and safe in the British Museum.