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New 'Who's the Celebrity in the Jungle' Reality Show Has TV Audiences Confused

BRISBANE - Australia - A new celebrity show from ITV has TV audiences really confused because no one knows who the celebrities are.

“They’ve put the obligatory bikini girl, with a great pair of tits who I’ve never heard of in, and a bunch of old people who I’ve never heard of in a jungle clearing. Are we meant to try and figure out who these people are?” Rob Joist, a bored TV viewer told the Radio Times.

The executives in charge of the new format are also confused about who the people on the show are.

“We actually have never seen these so-called celebrities before and do not know who they are. Someone from an agency just told us that they were celebrities and we took their word for it,” Henry Arsehat, executive producer for the show revealed.

Ratings for reality shows are so low now that it is very rare for anyone to actually watch the shows let alone figure out who the people in them are.

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  1. The older celebs were originally in TV programmes which were not reality shows. Nowadays, the reality shows create "celebs" from nobodies, then recycle them in more celeb reality shows, where the stars would not be "celebs" if not for the original reality show. Usually, the females either get boob jobs before they go in in order to be noticed, or get them when they come out in order to give an advantage for getting on more real-titty shows.

    No wonder no one knows who this lot are!

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