France First Lady Kept Up All Night By Crying Baby

PARIS - France - Carla Bruni is said to be distraught after being kept up all night by the incessant crying from a little baby.

Speaking from the Élysée palace, Carla Bruni said: “He won’t let me sleep, he’s constantly tramping up and down the corridors crying and bawling like a baby. Nicolas is driving me and our newborn absolutely nuts.”

According to French finance ministers, Mr Sarkozy is absolutely at his wits end over the French economy, especially after it is constantly being threatened with downgrades from the credit rating agencies.

“Nicolas comes to his office in the morning. He looks like merde, like he’s been crying all night. We are used to his tantrums and strutting, but it’s just plain weird to see him all weepy like a little girl,” Jean Claude Trebuchet, a senior finance ministry official told Le Figaro.