Saudi Mini Skirt Beauty Was a Mirage Say Religious Police

USHAYQAR - Saudi Arabia - Officials chasing a mini skirted woman in the desert have come to the conclusion that she is a mirage.

“We have had many sightings of a beautiful Saudi woman walking through the desert in a mini skirt showing her long legs, and after much investigation this vision is attributed to the common mirage,” Abdul bin Saleh, Chief of the Religious police Haia, told reporters in Riyadh.

Because of the stringent rules in Saudi Arabia where women have to cover every part of their bodies, many men are so starved of the female flesh that they start seeing things.

“Forget about seeing an oasis in the desert, in Saudi Arabia, seeing a scantily clad woman walking in front of you is hundred times more desirable,” one witness revealed on Wednesday.

Another witness recalled the events when walking through the ancient deserted city of Ushayqir: “I was walking in the midday sun, thirsty and lost. Somehow I lost my map, when all of a sudden out of the sand came this vision. I could even smell her perfume which she dabbed over her milky pale thighs from 50 yards. Her legs were magnificent and she daintily skirted through the deserted streets, I was compelled to follow her like a moth towards a light bulb, and as the sun beat down on my head relentlessly I forgot where or who I was. Turning a corner, suddenly she was gone, I looked up and she had led me to the main road where a few shops and restaurants resided. She saved me, as I was dehydrated.”

Despite the mysterious woman being called a mirage, thousands of desperate Saudi men are now flocking to the area for their chance to sight her.

“It is almost like a pilgrimage, but not out of religion, only testosterone,” another man revealed.