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Colonel Gaddafi Fried Chicken Restaurants Shelved

SIRTE - Libya - Sadly, plans for a new chain of the mad Colonel's fried chicken fast food restaurants across the Middle East have been shelved after his unfortunate death today.

The Colonel’s special recipe used to be mustard gas, a touch of semtex and a smattering of TNT all packed into a SCUD missile and fired indiscriminately in the direction of a few NATO backed rebels, now it’s just a blood stained rag used to rap around the remains of what used to be the all smiling sunglassed dictator.

Plans for the fast food restaurants with the colonel’s head emblazoned over the logo were found in one of Gaddafi’s many palaces.

The Colonel had a lot of admiration for Colonel Sanders, and he loved fried chicken so much that he would have weekly deliveries of fried chicken buckets to Libya from Kentucky, America.

“I never seen someone like drumsticks and hot wings like that motherfucker, he would eat two buckets with coleslaw, sweetcorn and baked beans. He especially loved the sanitary napkins that would come with the meal. He would always comment on how thoughtful those KFC people were and how he so admired the Colonel’s vision. From one Colonel to another, Gaddafi and Sanders were both poles apart but they both shared a serious love of fried chicken and Condi Rice,” Justin Allinson, Kentucky Fried Chicken’s spokesman told CNN.

With the plans for thousands of Gaddafi Fried Chicken fast food restaurants scuppered, when the Islamic fundamentalists take over Libya, the people may find that they will miss the errant Colonel and his eccentricities.

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