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Basketball Loving Sarah Palin Supporting Herman Cain

WASILLA - USA - Failed presidential candidate, Sarah Palin, who chickened out of running for the presidency, is now supporting GOP representative Herman Cain in his bid to unseat Barack Obama.

“I like my men black and Herman’s got that forwardness thang goin’ on. You know, he’s very similar to a baskeball player I once knew. I can’t wait for him to shoot one in my hoop. I’ll be in the zone defence with my skirt up around my waist, and he’ll come along cherry picking, do a double dribble then put on the McNasty. This teabagger wants to do some teabagging for sure,” a horny Sarah Palin told  Wasilla’s Channel 36 News.

Unfortunately, since the publication of a recent book exposing Mrs Palin’s many skeletons in her closet, she has not been getting much attention from her long suffering husband.

“Todd’s kind of fallen by the sidelines now. But he don’t have half of what Cain got. I’m going to get back to what I do best and that’s shagging everything around me and snorting coke like it was going out of fashion. Coke, cock and guns. Now that sums me up good. Just don’t be asking me geography questions when my heads bobbing up and down in Herman’s tour bus,” Mrs Palin added.

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