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Trump Gets Kiss of Death

IOWA - USA - Sarah Palin, the former governor of Alaska and Vice-Presidential candidate, endorsed Donald Trump for U.S. President in a theatrical speech in Ames, yesterday.

Sarah Palin Can’t Wait Till U.S. Election Vs Hillary Clinton

WASHINGTON DC – USA – Sarah Palin is gearing up for the U.S. elections in 2016 as political pundits are predicting an all woman mud wrestling jamboree that will entertain millions of American voters.

Sarah Palin Says That Ebola is a Country in Canada

ALASKA - Uttar Pradesh - Sarah Palin is back on the campaign trail and lending her worldly geographical knowledge to all and sundry.

Basketball Loving Sarah Palin Supporting Herman Cain

WASILLA - USA - Failed presidential candidate, Sarah Palin, who chickened out of running for the presidency, is now supporting GOP representative Herman Cain in his bid to unseat Barack Obama.

Why McGinniss Smear Book Will Make People Like Sarah Palin More

WASILLA - USA - Sarah Palin is going to be the first female president of the United States of America, and it is no thanks to a poison penned book by serial stalker Joe McGinniss.

When Jesus Comes Back He's Going to Look Up Sarah Palin...

JERUSALEM - Israel - Former American vice presidential candidate, Sarah Palin, expressed support for Jews and spoke openly about Jesus' return, officials who accompanied Palin on a tour of the old city disclosed.

Sarah Palin Takes Over From Michael Palin in BBC 'Pole to...

London - England - The Monty Python star, Michael Palin, is set to take early retirement from the ongoing 'Pole to Pole' series and be replaced by American politician and presidential hopeful, Sarah Palin, the BBC has announced.

Sarah Palin Interview Could Clinch Election Say Campaigners

SOUTH CAROLINA - USA - A recent interview with the presidential hopeful, Sarah Palin, could clinch the election in 2012 say her campaigners and supporters.

Sarah Palin's Weak Geography Could be Problem in Nuclear War

WASILLA - USA - Sarah Palin could have a problem in a full scale nuclear war, military experts have told a Senate committee today.

Sarah Palin to Run for Bulgarian Presidency

ALASKA - USA - Sarah Palin says she may run for president of Bulgaria in 2012 and she thinks she could win.

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