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Sarah Palin Taking Intensive Geography Lessons

WASILLA - USA - The prospective Republican 2012 election candidate, Sarah Palin, is taking intensive geography lessons in a bid to learn about the world's countries.

Dick Cheney and Sarah Palin to Run for Election

VIRGINIA - USA - The former American vice president, Dick Cheney is to run for president in 2012 with Sarah Palin as his vice president say senior GOP officials today.

Shoes Thrown at Sarah Palin

WASILLA - USA - A pair of shoes were thrown at Sarah Palin today at a news conference.

Joe the Arsonist Spotted at Sarah Palin’s Church

WASILLA - USA - There were unconfirmed reports today from the local Alaskan media that a man named Joe the Arsonist was spotted just before Sarah Palin's local church went up in flames.

Sarah Palin Turkey Milkshake Recipe Revealed

WASSILA - USA - Sarah Palin demonstrated her Thanksgiving spirit by having a man demonstrate the making of an Alaskan milkshake recipe while she was being interviewed.

Sarah Palin Honoured at George W Bush University

TEXAS - USA - Prospective Vice President, Sarah Palin was honoured today for her contribution to outstanding intellect and world knowledge. The Alaskan Governor received a Doctor of Wars from George W Bush University in a ceremony at Abu Ghraib College.

John McCain’s Vice President Sarah Palin Learning the Ropes

WASHINGTON DC - USA - Republican VP hopeful Sarah Palin has been briefed by campaign advisers on what is needed to be John McCain's Vice President.

First Look Inside Sarah Palin’s Alaskan Home

WASILLA - Alaska - Sarah Palin, the prospective Republican Vice President has invited Hello magazine into her family home deep in the wilds of Alaska for an informative tour.

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