Sarah Palin Taking Intensive Geography Lessons

WASILLA - USA - The prospective Republican 2012 election candidate, Sarah Palin, is taking intensive geography lessons in a bid to learn about the world's countries.

“No, no, no! Europe is not a country and you cannot see Russia from Alaska!” Sarah Palin’s newest geography tutor exclaims with his eyes bulging and the veins on his forehead throbbing wildly.

In just three weeks of intensive geography lessons Palin has gone through eight geography tutors and Republican denizens are at a loss at what to do with the high turnover rate.

“She’s driving these people crazy. We had one of them taken away on a stretcher babbling something about Africa and Belgium. Another one literally pulled whole clumps of his own hair out, now he’s trying to sue us for losses. There’s got to be something we can do?” Sarah Palin’s campaign manager, Earl Wyatt told Fox news.

The assigned geography teacher for today tries to show Mrs Palin where the U.S.A is on a large globe sitting on the desk in front of her. She leans over and points to Africa.

“But it’s got the same kind of shape right?” she says looking up and pushing her cleavage into better view.

It seems that her bust is the only redeeming topographical feature that can win the 2012 election.