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BNP Members Avoiding Sunbeds

LONDON - England - British National Party members avoid tanning products or anything to do with the sun, an insider has revealed.

“We were told to put on layers of sunscreen at all times, even in winter. If anyone got a tan, like if they went on their hols or something and actually went out in the sun they would be immediately quarantined by the senior party members and stuck in a dark room sometimes for weeks on end,” the insider revealed.

Much like veal, BNP members are urged to live in virtual darkness to preserve their pale complexions.

“If you get a tan of any kind you are immediately called a p*ki or n*gger and told to undergo special re-whitening treatments. I once exposed my left wrist to the sunshine for more than two hours without special sun cream and it got dark. After that I had to hide my arm for fear of being caught,” the man revealed.

After enduring over three years in the BNP, the man finally got the courage to leave and since that time regularly goes to sunny climates for holidays without any fear of reprisal.

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