Sarah Palin Turkey Milkshake Recipe Revealed

WASSILA - USA - Sarah Palin demonstrated her Thanksgiving spirit by having a man demonstrate the making of an Alaskan milkshake recipe while she was being interviewed.

Sarah Palin, the Republican senator who won it for the Dems in the election, demonstrated her prowess of keeping interviewers at ease during a Turkey milkshake blending session.

It is an Alaskan tradition, especially in the Palin household to have turkey milkshakes for thanksgiving with the roast moose.

Reporters who could see the bloody work of an employee at Triple D Farm Hatchery in the background, asked the aspiring president what made the day so important to her and asked how the turkey milkshakes are prepared.

“Yes, we use a big blender and put the whole turkey right in there, add a bit of malt, some milk and a squirt of ol’ Uncle Farley’s moonshine and you’re there. It tastes divine and i’m honoured to be here this year during the annual turkey blend,” Palin told the interviewer for local Alaskan tv network KTUU from Anchorage.

Alaskan turkey shakes are considered a great delicacy, however moose shakes are in even higher demand in some parts of Alaska, so much so that there are queues round the block when some diners announce them on the menu.

“Turkey shakes are very nutritious and the right food for this kind of environment. I mean it’s goddamn freezing up here so we need all the nutrients we can get. Nothin’ gets wasted here, we put the whole animal head first in the blender, hmm hmm good eats,” Earl Pervis, a worker at the turkey farm told the reporters.

The turkeys are all blended in industrial sized blenders which blend to such a high level that the milkshakes that are produced do not have any offending chunks or bits left.

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