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George W Bush Secures Six-Figure Book Deal for Memoirs

TEXAS - USA - George W Bush, who cannot read, has secured a six-figure publishing deal to write a book detailing the trials and tribulations of his lame-duck presidency.

The former President of
the United States of America, George W Bush, has been commissioned to write his memoirs and plans to complete the project in the form of an instructional manual.

president was offered a six-figure sum as an advance to complete the
tell-all tome. The six-figure sum of 900,000 Iraqi Dinars is
worth more than $200 at the current exchange rate.

The publishing arm of the Daily Squib brokered the deal with the ex-president’s handlers yesterday at Mr Bush’s ranch in Texas.

The riveting read will expose the inner workings of the President and his cabal of White House aides over the years.

book will form the centrepiece to his term in office and will also be
utilised in American schools along with other Presidential favourites
like “My Pet Goat”.

The book will also come with a set of black and white crayons and will signify Mr Bush’s worldview.

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  1. This is so hilarious, I literally spat my whole drink over the whole screen…thanks Daily Squib for the laugh you guys made my day!!!!

  2. The publishing company told him it was going to be ghost written, and he replied mawmaw Bush said there was nasuch thing as ghosts.

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