Palin Accuses McCain of Fraternizing With Terrorists

WASILLA - Alaska - Sarah Palin has denounced John McCain strongly for "fraternizing with terrorists" in a damning speech directed at her former protégé.

Speaking from her Alaskan cabin, an indignant Sarah Palin spoke of her anger and dismay at seeing John McCain switch sides and talk with terrorists.

John McCain was photographed last week in Chicago talking with a known “terrorist” as Sarah Palin put it.

“I am disgusted with John McCain, here is a guy who I used to look down to, he gave me a break when I needed it most and now he’s talking to terrorists? He is palling around with terrorists who would target their own country What the hell is going on? Since when are we Americans talking to terrorists? Shit..we don’t talk to terrorists…we shoot ’em!”

Governor Palin was in fact so indignant with rage that she had to go and shoot a few moose with one of her high powered rifles to get some of the anger out.

The Alaska governor, who is credited with the Democrats winning the election in 2008 is also planning to campaign for the presidential election in 2012 — we can therefore count on another Democrat win then.

  • Darkstarr18

    What is wrong with her?!
    First, she follows McCain everywhere practically fighting his own shadow so that she could remain behind him. And now she is denouncing him! She doesn’t even know what she wants. She suddenly turns her back on him.
    Have you ever heard that saying, If you can’t beat them, then join them. That’s what McCain is doing. And I would do the same.
    Anyways, is it even true that Obama is a terrorist? Who knows. No one knows. There is no proof. Time will determine that. He should be allowed free rein, his own actions will lead to what he intends. Whether good or bad.
    And as for Palin, how ignorant she can become!!! If she