Joe the Arsonist Spotted at Sarah Palin’s Church

WASILLA - USA - There were unconfirmed reports today from the local Alaskan media that a man named Joe the Arsonist was spotted just before Sarah Palin's local church went up in flames.

Wasilla’s Chief of Police, Aaron Waskovic was on hand Tuesday to talk about unconfirmed reports that a man was seen acting suspiciously prior to the church going up in flames.

“We’ve heard it’s a guy called Joe the Arsonist, we don’t know who that is exactly but he may have links to John McCain’s recent presidential campaign. If anyone knows where this Joe the Arsonist guy is please notify your nearest police station or officer.”

Governor Palin’s office in a statement told church officials that she
hoped the incident was not connected to her run for vice president, or
her rising political profile.

“Whatever the motives of the
arsonist, the governor has faith in the Creationist scriptures and will not waver from her beliefs by such actions.”

Pastor Larry Kronenberg, leader of the church – which draws some 10,000 congregrants on a typical Sunday – said he was in disbelief.

Local and state investigators are continuing the search for Joe the Arsonist, officials said.

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