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Dubya to Play In World Champion US Dodgeball Team

WASHINGTON DC - USA - President George W Bush has been enrolled to play for the US Dodgeball Masters team in this years competition.

Speaking from the gym where they train everyday, the US Dodgeball Masters team from Philadelphia were ecstatic that George Bush had joined the team.

The team has won six consecutive world championships and plan on keeping their winning streak when Mr Bush joins them next week.

Team captain, Alonso Mosely was upbeat about the news: “Our commander in chief’s dodging skills are frickin’ awesome. We’re even thinking of renaming our team to be called the ‘Weapons of Mass Dodging’. President Bush, indeed, is our secret weapon, he not only dodges shoes from angry towelheads but he also dodges questions from reporters by pretending to be all dumb and shit.”

The team first heard of their presidential patronage on Monday when they got a call from the White House pleading for the approval of the president to join the team.

The team will be training hard for the next month when the tournament season begins next week leading up to the Dodgeball World Series in June.

“Dubya’s about as dumb as a sack of potatoes but he sure can dodge missiles, shoes and balls being thrown at his head. He hasn’t dodged anything so well since the Vietnam war. The boy didn’t achieve much during his presidency but he is going to redeem himself when he brings home a Dodgeball trophy. We’re so proud of him,” George Bush Senior was quoted as saying at a recent basketball game in Chicago.

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