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He’s Madoff With My Money

NEW YORK - USA - Wealthy socialites in New York and Florida all want to meet the man who is the toast of the town at the moment, Bernard Madoff.

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He’s the man who played the greedy against the greedy to fuel his own greed; to leech off the rich socialites and take all their money.

Introducing Bernard Madoff, the man who many socialites are dying to meet, albeit with a sledgehammer in a darkened room.

“He’s a popular guy right now, we got about, at the last count, 78 contracts out on his head. He also has a few friends from the Sicilian mafia right on the East side who want to meet the man who lost them millions. Half of Florida and the Hamptons has hired hitmen for this guy. There is no greater shanda than what this man has done. I’m giving him until next week,” Moshe Liebowitz, a retired businessman from New York city who lost $340 million to Madoff told Reuters as he was crying into his mandelbroit.

There wasn’t a dry eye in the house at the Boca Rio golf club in Boca
Raton, Florida, or the Old Oaks golf club in wealthy Westchester County, New York.

“I’ve seen grown men crying like babies as they realise they’ve lost their millions to this guy Madoff. They say there’s a sucker born every minute, looks like they all converged onto Bernard Madoff and gave him their money without any questions,” Earl Ponzy, a broker for Goldman Sachs told the New York Times.

But all is not lost. The Securities Investor Protection Corporation which was created in the 70’s will refund each person upto a maximum of $10,000 of lost money. So at least the socialites will get something back.

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