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John McCain’s Vice President Sarah Palin Learning the Ropes

WASHINGTON DC - USA - Republican VP hopeful Sarah Palin has been briefed by campaign advisers on what is needed to be John McCain's Vice President.

After leaving Alaska for the first time in her life to go to Washington, Sarah Palin is finally coming to terms with the role she is expected to play as the Vice President to John McCain.

The first thing the campaign advisers taught her is how to revive someone after they have had a heart attack or stroke. The medical term for this procedure is CPR and can be the difference between life or death for the recipient.

Sarah will also be briefed on how to change McCain’s colostomy bag in an emergency as well as feeding him his mush.

“This is a very important role for Sarah and I know she will make a very good nurse..ahem.. I mean Vice President,” Ronson Connors, a McCain adviser told CNN.

When John McCain wins the presidency, the White House will be remodelled for wheelchair access, mobility scooters, chairlifts and emergency buzzers in case of a slip.

“John needs his
daily injections to stay alive so Sarah will administer these everyday.
This is a very important job so she is going to have a lot of
responsibility on her head,” Mr Connors added.

VP Palin will conduct her important role within the White House wearing a very fetching nurse’s uniform including some very hot suspenders and revealing white top exposing her busty cleavage. This may have to be curtailed however because watching her bending over to pick up McCain’s teeth off the floor may cause some fatal heart attacks.

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