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Comrades Across World Welcome Centralized Economy

NEW YORK - USA - The final bell tolled today for capitalism as a new era was ushered in.

It may seem like market turmoil to you, the crescendo of raised voices uttered from shrieking newscasters as they ejaculate their fearful bulletins to news services all over the world, however, do not be afraid comrades because the people who are in charge are simply rearranging the furniture.

The wealth held by the elite is dutifully paid for by the taxpayer. As the governors of the lumpen masses, they are simply issuing a more central global economy and ushering the new era of one world government into overt existence.

“Comrade Bush has done his job very well. His job was to destroy America’s economy so that the big boys can integrate their wealth globally within a completely central economic system of control. America’s job was also to integrate unruly areas like Iraq and Afghanistan and destroy the last monotheistic religion left — Islam. Once that job is completed, then most of the work will be done. China is the model state and America is simply emulating their communist nationalised system. The UK went under a long time ago and Comrade Brown must be commended for his destruction of the British Sterling and economy,” Tommy Malthus, a researcher for the Brussels based non governmental think tank, Eugenics Institute, told Reuters.

Scientific Dictatorship

The next war is with internal populations. A global single government can only look inward for the next threat. The elite Barons have been fleecing the “plebiscite” for many years and now is no different from any other time apart from one small factor — more visible fleecing.

“Hundreds of years ago it was all too easy to fleece populations blind because of low education standards and slow news delivery. Populations today are even easier to fleece and though they read about it in their papers, mobiles and pc’s, they still choose to stay asleep. They know they are being fleeced but there is nothing they can do about it and besides, they are being entertained with so many gadgets and media they can’t be bothered to even look up and smell the coffee. We use repetition a lot to keep pounding away with the soundbites. The populations are given the reality that we want them to believe. We have been changing their beliefs for so long now that they have no perception of anything outside of our controlled system created for them specifically. It is all too easy these days to bring forth what we want. They are grazing away adrift in nonchalance and apathy. Perfect for the slaughter,” a source from the Institute revealed.

Slavery never went away, it simply morphed into a more covert state. The taxpayers job is to serve the elite psychopaths and provide for their every whim and wish.

Indeed, the war of integration will take many years to complete. Just like the towers of New York city that disintigrated into dust on one sunny day, so will the long standing institutions crumble and be assimilated into one world government.

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  1. it’s just another smash and grab
    they pump up the people with easy credit then grab the assets when it all goes to hell
    been doing it for years
    nothing to see here folks

  2. TOTAL US DEBT is $57 Trillion Dollars ($57,000,000,000,000) and growing at $2.7 trillion dollars per year

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