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Sarah Palin's Weak Geography Could be Problem in Nuclear War

WASILLA - USA - Sarah Palin could have a problem in a full scale nuclear war, military experts have told a Senate committee today.

“The thing is she don’t know her geography. If she tried to hit North Korea or Iran she might blow France up. We ain’t too fond of those snail eating surrender monkeys, but still it could be a problem. Say if she wants to nuke Yemen or Pakistan, what happens if she nukes Italy or Wisconsin? Shit, there’d be hell to pay then,” Rosco Bloomer, a military analyst for Lockheed told the Senate hearing.

Finger on the button

The U.S. hierarchy is already making preparations for Sarah Palin’s presidency when she wins the upcoming election in 2012.

“If we have a full scale nuclear war she needs to know her countries better. That’s why we’re getting her an atlas so she can put it on her desk and maybe sometimes look at it. You never know, she might learn something. I doubt it though. I seen more brains in an old shoe,” one of her campaign managers, Dwight Peabottom, said at a recent press conference.

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