Sarah Palin to Run for Bulgarian Presidency

ALASKA - USA - Sarah Palin says she may run for president of Bulgaria in 2012 and she thinks she could win.

When asked if she could defeat Barack Obama in a presidential run she said she believes she could. Sarah Palin is even thinking of flying into Bulgaria’s capital city, Sofia, to prove her point.

“I’m going to beat Barack at being president by going to Bulgaria and being president right there. I think it’s somewhere between Russia and North Korea, or is that South Korea? Anyway, just watch me beat Obama folks. I’m going to one up him for sure. Vote Team Grizzly for 2012!” Mrs Palin yelped during a photoshoot in her hometown of Wasilla.

One of her election campaigners, Ed Masters, told CBS news of how she has improved since the early days: “She’s gotten a lot better since those intensive geography lessons we put her through. Definitely, she’s going to give Obama a run for his money this time.”

The former vice-presidential candidate and governor of Alaska says she hasn’t made a formal decision yet if she’ll run in 2012 but it’s plain obvious to everyone that she’s going to.