Sarah Palin Takes Over From Michael Palin in BBC 'Pole to Pole' Series

London - England - The Monty Python star, Michael Palin, is set to take early retirement from the ongoing 'Pole to Pole' series and be replaced by American politician and presidential hopeful, Sarah Palin, the BBC has announced.


“The Pole to Pole series needed a big injection of life, and that’s when we got the idea to dump the old Python, who frankly bores me to tears, and replace him with Sarah Palin. On her first day on the job, she actually shot and wounded the keygrip whilst wearing a low-cut top exposing her wonderful cleavage and caused a controversy by calling a Russian man a ‘drunk commie bastard’,” Rupert Weasel, producer for the BBC show revealed.

The Pole to Pole series used to involve Michael Palin travelling across the world where he would delight in the different cultures, traditions and religions encountered in the many countries visited.

The new series, however, will involve Sarah Palin practically invading each “tin-pot” country, telling off the locals for not being Americans, and spitting out the local cuisine onto the floor whilst swearing viciously at the attending locals with her potty mouth. She will insult pretty much everyone and display her complete ignorance about any other culture apart from America.

Already, the new Sarah Palin ‘Pole to Pole’ BBC series has had vast interest from the US, and the series is to supercede anything Michael Palin has previously done.

“A lot of Americans have never even been out of their state let alone the country, so they have no interest in Michael Palin seeing the wonders of the world in diverse countries. This is why Sarah Palin’s version will be a breath of fresh air in an already stale format. She won’t even know the name or location of the country we drop her in,” Mr Weasel added.

Sarah Palin’s Pole to Pole series begins in July 2010, on BBC World