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World Leaders Hold Emergency Meeting to Save Katie Price Marriage

GENEVA - Switzerland - World leaders held an emergency meeting on Wednesday to try and save the marriage of Katie Price and cage-fighter, Alex Reid.

“This is a matter of grave importance to the world’s political, economic and social well-being. If their fake publicity-led marriage fails, the whole world could be plunged into complete darkness,” the worried Japanese Prime Minister, Naoto Kan, told reporters.

Some of the assembled world’s politicians who attended the summit included: Dmitry Medvedev, Angela Merkel, Barack Obama and Silvio Berlusconi, who were very concerned for the ailing celebrity couple.

“Even though I wouldn’t mind having a go at the loose fishwife, Katie, myself, I want her to stay with that dumb lug Alex Reid. They are such a cute couple,” the Italian premier, Mr Berlusconi said before jetting off to a brothel in Calabria.

After heated discussions lasting three days, the world leaders hope the Katie Price sham marriage will last forever so that world peace and prosperity for all can continue for decades to come.

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